Gastronomy of Pafos

Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Regional Products

A country’s gastronomical culture is one of the most important aspects of its identity. Cyprus and Pafos In particular is characterized by a rich gastronomical tradition with many ‘Geographical Indications’, i.e., products that traditionally manifest a ‘link’ with a specific geographical area (in some cases with the whole of Cyprus) and to which they owe their special characteristics. This link can include human elements, i.e., the production know-how and/or the reputation of the product, as well as environmental elements, i.e., the vegetation, climate, morphology of the geographical area.

This Gastronomical Map is a first attempt to present the agricultural products and foodstuffs of Cyprus that are linked to a geographical area.

The possible existence of additional products that could be included on the Map at a future stage is noted.

Traditional Recipes

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Calendar Of Events

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Gastronomical Map

gastronomical map of paphos